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Maestra Andréa Huguenin Botelho is a world reference in the field of music, perfectly combining her roles as conductor, composer, pianist and researcher. German-Brazilian,  born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and living in Germany for over 20 years, Botelho's academic career is as impressive as her artistic output, with a master's degree in piano and orchestral conducting from Georgia State University, a postgraduate degree in piano performance from the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, a specialization in opera conducting from the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg and a bachelor's degree in music - piano performance from the University of Rio de Janeiro - Uni-Rio.


Botelho's presence on the international stage is undeniable, marked by the magnetism of her interpretations and a prestigious position in the global music community. She is at the forefront of Brazilian music initiatives, conducting workshops and performances that unite cultures and continents. Her off-stage efforts are equally impactful, with her research and advocacy work, fighting for the recognition of female composers and the advancement of women's rights in conducting.

Her compositional work is a testimonial to her versatility and musical competence. Notable compositions include the "Cantata Ayabás" for women's choir and orchestra, due to be premiered this year in Berlin, and "Francisca - a Symphonic Dedication", which premiered in August 2023 at the Sala Cecília Meireles in Brazil with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro under Botelho's baton. In addition, his album "Women and the Double Bass", with several of his works and transcriptions for double bass and piano, shows his ability to innovate in various genres and instruments. In June 2024, her piece for five-voice choir, percussion and soloist, "Epahey Oyá", will be premiered at the Mathäus Kirche in Berlin by the Vocal Ensemble ACanto, further solidifying her role as a pioneering composer.


In addition to her compositional achievements, Botelho's dedication to education and interculturalism is evident in her founding of the first German-Portuguese bilingual children's choir, Curumins in Berlin in 2016. The program Brazilian Music in the City-West at the Staatliche Musikschule Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, which she initiated, is a significant milestone in the dissemination of Brazilian music in Germany, fostering an environment of cultural exchange and understanding.


As a Orchestral and Choir conductor in Berlin, Botelho's leadership of the Brasil Ensemble Berlin and Ayabás Chor Berlin, along with his independent orchestral and pedagogical work, highlights his multifaceted talent. Her ongoing doctoral research at the Freie Universität Berlin on the Brazilian conductor and composer Joanídia Sodré further highlights her commitment to discovering and promoting the contributions of women in music.


Botelho's participation in the coordination of the International Symposium on Women Conductors since its first edition, her collaboration with the Archiv Frauen und Musik in Frankfurt and her involvement as an ambassador for the Donne Foundation, Women in Music, are indicative of her influential role in defending gender equality in the music sector.

In 2023, Botelho was honored with a position in the Brazilian National Academy of Music, occupying chair number 33. This acknowledgment highlights her influential contribution to Brazilian music. Her inclusion in the academy marks a significant moment in her distinguished career.


Botelho's curatorial projects with Schloss Britz in Berlin presents a series of concerts dedicated to female composers entitled "Komponistinnen - eine Spurensuche". It offers a platform to celebrate and rediscover the legacies of female composers. In 2024/2025 a sequence of this series will take place and will be dedicated to contemporary women composers. All her work reinforces her status as a central figure in the cultural dialogue between Brazil and Germany and as an advocate for women in music worldwide.

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